The guide, the business man and me

For all of my foreign friends…hoping that my written English is still reasonable…

Have the experience of travelling around the world, does not mean just visit nice places: for me it does also mean know the people that I have met during the journey. In my experience around Israel and Jordan I did not stop myself in front of the beautiful places I’ve seen, but I’ve tried to understand who those people I’ve met are, and their experience.

So I had the chance to meet a waiter that is also a poet, named Mohammad Abu Elyas, who tried to translate me some of his words, without a proper result in term of understanding but with a great result in terms of friendship. Now we are friends on Facebook: I always see his updating in Arabic and now I have the wish to learn Arabic to understand properly the meaning of his poetries.

I had the chance to meet in Petra, a Bedouin who owns a spices’ shop, who is able to speak fluently Italian, French, Spanish and English; he has an open mentality and a view of the world that is better that the view of a man who has travelled all the entire world. The point is that he has never been abroad.

I had the chance to meet an extraordinary guide, Mahdi Yanes, who was able, in two days, to become a real friend of our entire group, a group of tourists that are not exactly the synonymous of outgoingness. His way of guiding us was touching, involving, unique and I am sure that is thanks to him that all of us has taken away a piece of Jordan.

I finally had the chance to meet a young business man, wide opened, fresh, young looking, who has shown me the other side of the traveler: the side of those who have to travel for business reason and, to be honest, also this side is quite charming.

But now, what about me in all this? Today, more than ever, I feel a little poet, a little Bedouin, a little guide, a little business man, and the sensation is something special.



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